Import Duty in Afghanistan

Importing Cars in Afghanistan All diplomats and foreigners with work permit may import a vehicle. Tourists are not allowed to import vehicles. Import taxes and duties are around 25% of the value but customs officers estimate the value which can be arbitrarily high, this is why it is important to work with a clearance agent with prior experience in vehicle clearance. […]

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India Valuation and Import Duty

India Valuation and Car IMport Duty The value of the car is determined in the following manner: i) Manufacturer’s invoice value is accepted wherever such invoice is available. ii) When no such invoice is available, value is determined on the basis of the world car catalogues available with the department or on the basis of manufacturer’s price list, wherever available. […]

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Import Policy in India

India Import Policy Passenger cars/jeeps/multi utility vehicles, etc., which are in the restricted category may be imported without a licence on payment of full Customs duty by the following categories of importers: (a) Individuals coming to India for permanent settlement after two year’s continuous stay abroad; (b) Resident Indians presented with a car as an award in any international event/match/ […]

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